SBL Friends & Bike Shop Buddies

As a regional bicycle league, SBL is passionate about partnering with like-minded folks who would like to grow the cycling community, inspire more people to ride more often and in so doing, grow their business and organizations!

Call us now to be an SBL Chapter or Affiliate and we will visit and share with you our marketing and promotional ideas that will be a win-win for all!

SBL is a whole league of passionate cyclists with unique marketing and promotional experience. Our aim is to grow your business or organization! Call us for details and one of our staff will stop by to show you how to partner with the SBL for a sure win-win for you and yours!

As the mission statement says, we are uniting or linking the bicycle community together. Our members are depending on us to secure more value for their membership, and our sponsor, New Belgium is assisting us with establishing affiliations and chapters throughout the State of Georgia and in the long term, the rest of the Southern States.

First, let's discuss SBL Friends

SBL Friends

To Affiliate means to bring into close association or connection, to unite as friends.

Some categories are as follows and more may follow:

  • Bike Clubs
  • Bicycle Advocacy Organizations
  • Tri-Athlete Clubs
  • Sports Clubs
  • Government Entities such as cities & counties
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Primary and Secondary Schools

It is FREE to become an Affiliate of the SBL and Affiliates are encouraged to join the SBL.

When we sign on an affiliate, we exchange logos and website links with them. We need a easy system of verifying that they have added our logo to their website and are maintaining our logo on their site, in a prominent place, along with a link to We need a system of making sure their information is accurate and up to date too.

In exchange, we are looking for news and articles from the Affiliate to be published in Southern Bicycle League Magazine and the Affiliate is encouraged to post their Rides in the SBL Ride Calendar and for their members to join the Hub or "Umbrella Organization", which is the Southern Bicycle League.

Currently, the SBL offers $5 off for Affiliates, and we need a way of tracking that and providing a secret passcode to each Affiliate, when each of their members joins the SBL.

The SBL encourages members to join their local bicycle club or advocacy organization AS WELL as joining their regional league, THE SOUTHERN BICYCLE LEAGUE.

Also, the SBL can have ride/party events in conjunction with the Affiliate and can work together on centuries and ride events in their area.

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Bike Shop Buddies

It is FREE for a bike shop to become an SBL Bike Shop Buddy and at least the owner and one or two bike shop employees, who will be leading rides, are encouraged to join the SBL for the insurance coverage for their rides and the other perks the SBL offers.

An SBL Bike Shop Buddy is defined as a local branch of the organization who share the same goals of inspiring more people to ride bicycles more often and to unite the bicycle community.

With membership, we will need to have a drop down of Chapters that people can select when they are renewing or joining the SBL.

The purpose of Chapters is to add more value to membership at a local level and to build community around the bike shop chapters.

Bike shops will be encouraged to provide news and articles to be published in our Southern Bicycle League Magazine and to post their rides in the SBL Ride Calendar.

The bike shops will be encouraged to have at least two weekday rides during the week and one longer weekend ride at least one a month.

They will be encouraged to offer ride options for A B and C riders and at least one beginner ride per month.

To collaborate with the SBL on at least 1-3 after ride parties per year.

The party would include food, drink, music, 15 minute educational or legislative update presentation by one of our bicycle advocacy affiliates and a presentation by the bike shop on a new product or bike shop promotion.

The party would be Free for the specific SBL Chapter members, and riders can join the SBL at the event and get it for free.

Bike shops would be encouraged to "ADD to Value" for their specific SBL Chapter members with items of their choice which may include:

  • SWAG
  • possible free food or grill items for the parties
  • discounts
  • raffles
  • technical support at SBL events

(The SBL, in conjunction with Our official sponsor, New Belgium, would provide select Beverages for the events)

When we sign up a Chapter, we need to exchange logos and verify that the Chapter has placed and maintains the SBL logo and link in a prominent place on their website. The SBL would place the Chapter logo and link with the Chapter listing.

Via the SBL website, We would need to have a way to determine member names, phone numbers and email addresses and be able to communicate to the particular chapter as well.

Currently, the Chapters are named based on their location. We will need to separate Chapters by area of a specific city, city and state.

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